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Editing Services

Draft Coaching

Encountering challenges during the writing process is a common experience for many authors. A writing coach or a critique partner can offer invaluable support, providing feedback and guidance tailored to your project's needs. They can help you navigate through plot complexities, character development, and narrative structure, ensuring that you maintain momentum and continue to refine your manuscript. Their expertise can be particularly beneficial when you're looking to enhance the technical aspects of your story and overcome any obstacles in the drafting process.

A draft coach can be an invaluable asset for writers, offering guidance and support throughout the creative process. From the initial concept to the final full stop, they provide weekly consultations to address any challenges, maintain motivation, and ensure accountability. Although beneficial at any stage, engaging a draft coach during the planning phase can be particularly advantageous, allowing for collaborative plot development and structural advice that aligns closely with the writer's vision, setting a strong foundation for the manuscript.

What you get from a Draft Coach?

  • Weekly Zoom Calls                         

  • Recordings of the calls sent to you.

  • Accountability                               

  • Finished Manuscript                     

  • Story Diagnostic                           

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is indeed a crucial step in the writing process, offering a comprehensive analysis of a manuscript's core components. It provides authors with insightful feedback on the intricacies of their genre, the robustness of their plot, the depth of their characters, and the effectiveness of individual scenes. This meticulous review process aims to enhance the overall narrative, ensuring that the story resonates with its intended audience and stands strong in its literary aspirations.

When do you need a Developmental Edit?

  • You have a finished first draft and you’re wondering how to turn it into a polished second draft.

  • You have a second (or third, or more!) draft and you want to make sure your story really works before you focus on publishing.

  • You’re looking for feedback on content, including the story, characters, plot holes, and more.

Line Editing

Line editing is a crucial step in refining a manuscript, where the editor meticulously works through each sentence to enhance the clarity, flow, and readability of the text. This process involves careful consideration of word choice, sentence structure, and overall tone, ensuring that the author's unique voice is preserved while elevating the quality of their work. The goal of a line editor is not just to polish the writing but to make it resonate with the intended audience, providing a seamless reading experience.


When are you ready for a Line Edit?

  • You’re on a third draft or more, and you’ve already worked out all the structure and story concerns.

  • You’ve worked with a developmental editor to ensure your story is the strongest it can be.

  • You’ve sent your manuscript to beta readers, and most of their feedback is focused on flow-level concerns.

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