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Kyle is a Story Grid Certified Editor from, Winter Springs, Florida. He is a disabled Air Force Veteran, utilizing his discipline and attention to detail as an aircraft mechanic to check the structural integrity of your story. He is a writer working on a flintlock fantasy thriller series and horror story anthology. He has three kids, three dogs, a wife that supports his dream of editing books, and a love of reading that can never be sated.


As an editor he specializes in helping Fantasy authors in bringing their world to life through compelling worldbuilding and his vast knowledge of history. In guiding Horror authors his dark sense of humor and his ability to create suspense that keeps readers at the edge of their seats as they are dragged screaming into the abyss in terror of the entities lurking in the dark of your story.


His experience in data management from the military gave him an expertise in spreadsheets, and a level of dedication that helps authors to hone their craft to reach the next level. He never backs down from a challenge and lives by the values instilled in his Air Force service of integrity, Service before self and excellence in all he does.

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 Send me an email at or for those that want to meet face to face. Book a 30min Consultation Call with me to discuss your need for editing services using the link below.

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