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Story Grid Diagnostic

Finishing a manuscript marks a considerable achievement, and the Story Diagnostic service provides an extensive method for improving your work. Developmental editing involves a detailed examination of your book's structure, character arcs, and plot consistency. The editor's critiques are crucial for refining your story, guaranteeing that the finished piece will connect with your target readers. This tailored editorial consultation is an excellent chance to merge your vision with a professional's expertise, guiding your book towards triumph.

Perfect for: A completed manuscript of a book.

Price- $1400 for manuscripts up to 100,000 words After that, $100 extra for each additional 10,000 words.

Deliverables- Each Diagnostic comes with a standard deliverables package including: 

  • The Six Core Question Analysis: Do you know what your story is about? Your editor will answer six fundamental questions about your book, drilling down to the heart of the story. This global analysis will show you where your book stands now, what you want it to become, and exactly what you'll need to do to get it there.​

  • A One-Hour Phone Call Consultation: The best editing is collaborative, so you and your editor will spend an hour on the phone talking through your book. At the end of this call, you'll have a clear understanding of what your book is meant to be. You'll come away with fresh energy and inspiration, invigorated to write. Best of all, the call will be recorded, so you'll always have it as a resource to revisit when you get stuck.

  • The First Five Scenes Story Grid Spreadsheet: Your editor will conduct an in-depth, micro-level analysis of the first five scenes of your book. The concrete data in this spreadsheet will show you where your scenes are working and where they're not. It will allow you identify exactly what you can do to improve your writing scene by scene, and it will help you outline your next draft.

  • Your Next Steps Recommendation Letter: With the Story Grid Diagnostic, you'll never find yourself overwhelmed by pages and pages of incomprehensible notes. This letter will walk you through a clear, practical, and achievable step-by-step plan to start and finish the next draft of your book.

  • Masterworks of Your Genre Recommendations: Every great writer is a reader. Your editor will handpick three classic books by masters of your genre for you to read. They'll serve as references and inspiration, showing you how other writers have solved the problems you're facing.

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 Send me an email at or for those that want to meet face to face. Book a 30min Consultation Call with me to discuss your need for editing services using the link below.



Two years ago, I discovered The Write Practice and their transformational approach to storytelling, a methodology grounded in the Story Grid approach. That amazing team introduced me to Kyle Cisco, who has helped me transform my writing in a year of working together on two novels that desperately needed his help. He is the third editor I’ve worked with over the past seven years of developing these novels, but he is the first that could tell me not only what I was doing wrong, but how to fix it. I have learned as much about writing over these past two years as in the first five, thanks to the Story Grid approach and Kyle’s expertise working with me from first drafts through outline to final versions and line editing. I am extremely grateful to Kyle who has helped me find my true voice as a writer and elevate all of the work I’ve done. He is a godsend to any writer struggling with works that are good but not good enough. He helped me master genre fiction and elevate the stories to tell universal truths. I cannot recommend Kyle strongly enough as a brilliant, devoted editor.

Dandy Reality, CA

God bless my editor. At first, I went to him looking for simple consultation and minor corrections. I just wanted to see some key issues and see if my book was ready to be published soon. Yet I somehow, he ended up going the extra mile in every sense, giving me the feedback, I needed to hear, but even showed me the mechanical level of the story. It's not every day that you find an editor willing to delve into the finer mechanics of the story and work through and understand all the elements of the book. And after this, he even gave materials to study that'll help my writing specifically, which is nice considering the price of his service. On that note, he doesn't try to squeeze more sessions and money out of you than necessary. In only two sessions, I found where my book stands and am now confident that I only need one more draft before publishing it, and in some ways, I think I'll become a better writer in future books too. Thanks, you Kyle for your determination, careful analysis, and sincere attitude. 

Jack A. Picurro, NJ

I really enjoyed working with Kyle who was always positive and encouraging. He really knows genre writing and his suggestions were clear and on point. There is no doubt my manuscript was much improved following his advice. He responded to my emails promptly and I found the Zoom sessions to be invaluable; there's no substitute for face-to-face contact. The Deliverables created a creative writing reference library I could not have put together on my own. All in all, it was a great experience.

Joanna, VA

Yes, I would work with this coach again!

I was so impressed with Kyle. He knew my manuscript in detail, remembering chapters and scenes as we discussed them. He gave me helpful feedback and ideas about filling in the structural holes. He was easy to speak with and very efficient. His thoughtful commentary and suggestions made me feel better and energized about my work and the rewrite ahead of me. I can't say enough nice things about him as a professional and as a person.

Michael, UK

Yes, I would work with this coach again!

Kyle is very good with communicating and has been very helpful with my manuscript review. He provided me with a lot of resources and has been very supportive. I feel more confident as a writer with his guidance.

Michael Davis, 

Yes, I would work with this coach again!

Working with Kyle Cisco was absolutely the best. I highly regard his advice in making corrections to my manuscript to improve it. We talked about future endeavors, such as using him as my next editor for my final manuscript review and hiring him as my publicist. I am so excited about working with him in the near future. He is the go-to person I will seek out to get me where I need to be to become a successful published author.

DeAnna Shea,

Game changer! Kyle Cisco's skills as an editor are exceptional. His keen insight in spotting my story's vulnerabilities and his gift for offering clear, actionable strategies empowered me to refine my narrative and truly capture the essence of the tale I longed to tell. Kyle's insights opened up new possibilities I hadn't considered, pushing my story in exciting directions. For any writer serious about improving their craft, Kyle is the editor you want in your corner.


Say Nevermore to Doubt and Write!

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Kyle J Cisco at Iron Raven Editing is dedicated to bringing your ideas to the page in a way that not only tells a compelling story that works, but helping you work through the trials and tribulations of being an author. Specializing in the realm of speculative fiction i.e.  Fantasy, Science Fiction, Military and Horror. Helping you bring vibrancy to your worlds so you can populate them with believable characters, and intricate plotlines. 


How do we do it?

By offering services with clear deliverable to help our authors understand story as more than words on the page, but as the fundamental mode for sharing human experience. We accomplish this by utilizing the methodology created by Shawn Coyne of StoryGrid.


Our services tell the author what works and what doesn't work in their stories, and if it doesn't work why that is, and approaches on how to fix these issues and helping the author upgrade their craft during the process it is the ultimate tool in Fiction Editing.

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